Richard’s Bio

Richard L. Carrington

Writer / Entrepreneur / Minister

Richard Carrington is a writer, an entrepreneur and a minister. He resides in the Boston, Massachusetts area with his wife, Diondra and two sons, Richard aka Duke and Aaron. He is a proud Bostonian and is grateful for the childhood experiences he gained on the streets of Boston, for they helped shape his disposition and outlook on life. While growing up in the inner city, like many of his peers, Richard witnessed horrific crime, despair and wasted lives. Those experiences served as a catalyst compelling Richard to become a change agent for his community. In addition, they helped foster and develop Richard’s passion for humanity and, more specifically, the less fortunate. One of his strongest core values is empathy, which he credits his mother for instilling in him and his brother, Ron. He has worked closely in both his personal and professional life with disadvantaged and underserved population since early adulthood.

Richard’s work as a writer is broad in its scope. He developed his passion for writing back in high school, writing poetry and short essays. His love for writing evolved as he began to see the power of written communication. Richard believes the English author, Edward Bulwer-Lytton’s declaration that, “The Pen is Mightier than the Sword.” Consequently, Richard not only uses his writing to tell stories but also to effect change and execute justice—whether it be in the corporate setting or in the ministry he serves. His creative works are generational and span across genres. His early writings were centered on children and adolescents. For many years, he worked intimately with battered, abused and emotionally-troubled children throughout the state of Massachusetts, where he searched tirelessly to effect change. During that time, he developed one of his most influential works which he co-wrote, with one of his mentors, entitled “Creating Alternative Solutions for Juveniles in the New Millennium.” This competency-based curriculum served as a blueprint for empowering juveniles involved in the criminal justice system to alter their lives of crime and seek positive lifestyle choices, focusing on the strength and resiliency.

Additionally, Richard has served as a ghost writer and copy editor for other authors. He recently wrote a memoir for a prominent leader in his community, whose amazing courage inspired him to share her story of victory with the world. Richard’s current project, which is near and dear to his heart, “Duke and Me,” chronicles his life and development into a man, as well as his transition into a father. In Duke and Me, Richard shares how it was his family that made him a man, but it was his son, Duke, who he credits as making him a father. Having been an unfortunate member of an ever-enlarging group of men who grew up without a father in the home, Richard witnessed firsthand the effects and troubles that void had on his peers. As a result, Richard believes he has a mandate to help fathers and children of absentee fathers courageously face their issues and struggles and move beyond their limitations through exhortation and restoration.

To aid in his mission, Richard has created a website and clearinghouse,, a safe and encouraging place where men, and the women who love them, can go for resources, information and support dealing with the effects of absentee fathers and the illness he labels PTFD (Post Traumatic Fatherless Disorder). His major call to action is to lead fathers to take their rightful place in the home and in their children’s lives, while simultaneously altering the current “Baby Daddy” paradigm that is devaluing the role of fathers and the nuclear family. He is a firm believer of being his “Brother’s Keeper.” Richard is also working to develop a new core of writers who share his vision and desire to rock the status quo.

In his capacity as a minister, Richard’s primary focus is on empowerment and development. He has a non-denominational, non-judgmental, holistic approach to his work. Through his labor, both in the secular and Christian community, he believes far too many people live beneath their privilege and resolve to “existing” as opposed to “living.” His personal ministry mandate is to provide people with the tools to create alternative solutions in their lives. His primary goal is to help liberate those bound by fear or self- imposed limitations. Through counseling, teaching and mentoring, numerous lives have been altered and families restored. One of the tools he developed to aid in his mission is a curriculum named, “The Nehemiah Partnership Project,” which focuses on strategic methods of self- improvement through a systematic approach to some core principals of successful living.

As an entrepreneur, Richard has a storied career. He has created several businesses over his lifetime in various industry sectors from not-for profit Emergency Shelters and Assessment Unit for troubled teens to a full-scale restaurant. Currently, Richard is operating a marketing & publishing company and a southern-style family catering company. He believes that the only true economic freedom derives from self-employment and self-production. He carries this message to all he encounters in response to an overwhelming chorus of people totally disillusioned with the corporate structure and dangerously devaluing work environments.

Richard is working on his next project: “How Your Job is Killing You,” which deals with an epidemic of disenchanted and dejected workers from all levels of the corporate ladder, who feel trapped and oppressed in their toxic, unfulfilling and life-draining jobs. He believes there is an overwhelming majority of people who are dying emotionally and physically as a result of inept and immoral leadership which operates in a paradigm of fear and pits one worker against another.

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