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Okay, I waited. I waited for the truth to be said, and I didn’t see it. Never read it! Didn’t hear it! I am sickened by the laud over the early demise of Bishop Eddie Long who NEVER should have entered a pulpit against, let alone be called Bishop. It has been demonstrated that he groomed five boys between ages 12-14, plied them with money, cars, trips, jewelry and celebrity association until they were 16-17 years old, the age of consent in Georgia. He used his authority as a man of GOD to manipulate, control, entice and seduce these young men. Undoubtedly, using the tithe and offerings of their parents and other congregants to do so. He pays off these young men, forbids them to speak of it by legal device and mounts the pulpit again to represent himself again as a man of GOD.

Two other well-known, rich preachers chastise his members, who even consider leaving New Birth. Support for Long in his status as an abuser and laud and prayers for him in death. It was and is disgusting. The deification of preachers in our communities is a disgrace. What do our preachers have to do to stop us from affixing to them an irrevocable “anointing?” to lead? When we call for the forgiveness of the preacher who has raped our boys and girls, where is the call for accountability and repentance and reparations? What would it take for us to cease supporting pastors who have used their authority and their role as Christ’s representative, deceiving the people to satisfy their corrupt desires on the most vulnerable. The first person to post that those boys wanted it or knew what they were doing will be unfriended on FB and in life. I cannot trust someone like you around my grandchildren, or the kids in my church. I don’t condemn Eddie Long to eternal damnation. I have no right nor standing to do so.

I condemn the reprehensible behavior in anyone claiming to be a man of GOD. If Jesus warns that it would better for a millstone to be hung around the neck of someone who would offend a little one, who are we to overlook the abuse, molest, rape and denigration of children? I understand forgiveness and restoration. I am an unworthy recipient of His grace and mercy. I am am also a rape, incest, molestation survivor. One of my abusers was a preacher. We all remember Long’s name, his church, his family, his members.

I AM CALLING FOR YOU TO REMEMBER HIS VICTIMS. Have we prayed for them? Are they at peace? Please church folk get your household in order. Stop ignoring what is true. Anyone who offends children, teens or vulnerable adults should have their name considered a byword. Let not your good be evil spoken of. I'm fully prepared for this post's ramifications. Forgiveness, repentance and restoration to everyone.

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